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Beautiful, joyful, delightful, uplifting, enriching, superb, incredible, brilliant, amazing, impressive, spectacular, awesome, beautiful, wonderful, fabulous, excellent, fantastic, great, blessed, inspirational, awesome, breathtaking, extraordinary, magnificent and outstanding. 

Quotes from our ROAD to BETHLEHEM visitors

Great job! Set designs were amazing and acting brilliant. Excellent re-telling of the Christmas story.

Fantastic, very touching. Thank you (can’t believe it’s free!).

An unbelievable experience. Life-like and so very meaningful.

We have been coming since I was a teen and now for the first time I take pleasure in sharing with my 2 year old.  

Thank you, it was a delight and a timely reminder to refocus.

What a moving last scene! Glory to God!

I have been coming to Road to Bethlehem since I was little. As a young adult I want to say thank you so much for sharing the true Christmas story. A real gift to the community.

My first time! I will be back! Thank you for a wonderful journey representing the real spirit of Christmas.

Awesome, magical and breathtaking.

You made my Christmas. Awesome!

Annointed!! What an amazing witness to your local community. Worth coming from Darwin for!! xxoo

Thank you for this beautiful gift.

Absolutely magical. Will take the Australian spirit back to London.

Beautiful experience. The whole family loved it!! All 6 of us. We’ll come again next year.

Travelled from Canberra to see this. Thank you so much for such a great portrayal of the Christmas story.

THE BEST!! See you next year.

Am still excited every year and it’s been 6 years.

I am 8 years old. The real baby was really cute.

Wonderful, funny and the kids LOVED it!

So much better than Santa Claus and Myers windows. Blessings on you all.

Beautiful! Joyful! And thank you!

Just love it. It’s all so beautiful.

What a wonderful initiative – God bless.

Awesome year after year!

How do you get a new baby every year? But they’re so cute xx

Just wonderful – such love and generosity – thank you very much.

Thank you for your witness to the Light!

Our first time. A delight! Thought provoking and brilliantly acted/staged.

I thank God for the pure message of the Gift of His Son and the way you portrayed it. Well done and God bless you all.

Told with love and good humour. Lovely!

How lovely! Thank you so much for such a wonderful celebration of Christmas and Jesus in our lives.

I loved Road to Bethlehem, it was so amazing! I brought a friend and she might bring her family next year. Spreading Jesus Christ to everyone!

Thanks so much for teaching my children about the real meaning of Christmas.

Awesome! A joyful night.

Excellent. Lost for words. God bless you.

Was so wonderful we came twice!! Praise God! May He bless many with this wonderful program!!

Brought my 10 children. Thanks for a great blessing.

My 3 yr old daughter actually thought it was baby Lord Jesus and real angels – I don’t have the heart to tell her otherwise. Loved it!!

The most wonderful story told in the most beautiful way.